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About Us

Mapleton Agri Biotec Pty Ltd is an Australian company. We are committed to developing and supplying products that enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of farming systems around the world. Our focus is on products that use biological organisms or natural products to enhance the nutritional status and vigour of crops in conventional, biological and organic systems.

Products that we are distributing or developing all have this set of goals:

  • Increase yields - farmers are under pressure to produce more from less land
  • Increase nutrient status of crops to allow reduced applications of key nutrients and/or higher yields - our current main nutrient targets are nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Increase profits - decreased fertiliser rates, or higher yields, equals higher profits
  • Reduce the impact of farming on the environment - soils, long term farm productivity, and waterways and oceans all benefit from our products

Mapleton Agri Biotec has a commitment to using good science to develop and test our products. Visit our Trials section to see the results of the many trials from different research organisations in different countries that have underpinned our understanding of how best to use microbial products such as TwinN in different systems. Based on this R&D program we have also been able to release a new product, NitroGuard™, plus the CataPult™ line of products.

Mapleton Agri Biotec provides products to distributors and farmers in Australia, USA, UK, numerous Eu countries, Turkey, several South American countries, South Africa, several East and North African countries plus others. Our clients range from innovative conventional farmers to biological farmers and organic producers.

Mapleton Agri Biotec will continue to develop, or source, other high grade products for sustainable, profitable agriculture.

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